The Fellows PROGRAM

Discover new frontiers, unify people based on vision, inspire hope, lead in the spirit of aloha.


Are you ready to take your leadership to the next level?
The CTL Fellows program is Hawaii's year-long, transformative leadership experience for 20 select juniors and seniors from diverse public and private high schools. 

1. Meet some of the most influential leaders in the State

Such as Governor Ige, Connie Lau from Hawaiian Electric, Colbert Matsumoto from Island Insurance, and Kelvin Taketa from Hawaii Community Foundation. 

2.  Design exciting, and meaningful leadership projects

3.  Make life-long friendships with students from high schools across Oahu

4.  Learn what leadership really means, and practice public speaking

5.  Receive personal mentorship 

Program Success 

  • 200 alumni from the program
  • 98% college attendance, including Ivy League schools and all military academies
  • Over 100 community leaders participate as mentors
  • 12 cutting-edge projects including media appearances
  • Life-changing experience for graduates


Frequently Asked Questions 

1.  How do I apply?
To apply for the CTL Fellows program, you'll need to submit 3 items:
1) CTL Application Form
2) Teacher Recommendation Form
3) Parent/Guardian Recommendation
All forms are found online. 

2 . How does financial aide work?
On the application form, you'll have the option to apply for financial aide.  If you are selected to be a part of the program, the CTL will contact you and your family to determine the best option.  The CTL will consider various options that best fit your particular needs. 

3.  I'm a busy student.  What's the time commitment? 
The CTL Fellows program was designed for busy students.  The bulk of the time commitment is bi-weekly Sunday afternoon sessions.  Bear in mind that you will also need to work on a community leadership project as part of the program. 

4.  Is there a summer commitment prior to the program start?
There will be 2 advance assignments that will take no more than 5 hours to complete.